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Most of the people are fond of watching porn and it is not a secret anymore. There are thousands of websites that are making and uploading videos on a daily basis. Though some people may still believe that it is unhealthy, according to many they are not. It is true that it shows some unusual stuff but to be precise some people still rely on it to gather proper knowledge. So let's dig deeper into this controversy of porn being bad or good!

  • AS many people and researchers say that porn is good because it is not adversely affecting your sex life or relationship or brain. They have found some positive correlation where the porn viewers have experienced better sexual satisfaction after they have watched it. Watching it in excess increases your chance of turning yourself into an addict.
  • Not every people will be considering porn to be unhealthy as it helps men and women to masturbate and maintain a proper sex pattern. So even if you are in a relationship still watching porn is common and healthy. People who are a part of a monogamous relationship are also watching porn.
  • There are many people who are using sex or porn videos to escape reality because stress balls cannot always help you. So when a person is stressed up their brain is releasing a lot of cortisol and it is blocking their thinking ability and it can be a problematic thing. So when they are watching porn it is cutting the released hormone into half and thereby allowing them to have clarity of mind. It is also said that 85% of the women are also watching porn in order to get rid of their stress and for decreasing the level of cortisol in the body.
  • Watching porn with your partner will help in improving the sexual possibility. It is very important to be comfortable around your lover and make everything related to sex communicative to improve the overall experience. If you think that the video is showing some unrealistic expectation, still if you and the partner can set a practical guideline with boundaries then both of you can enjoy and be completely satisfied. One can also watch Riley Reid porn videos for a visual treat.

Looking into the benefits of porn there are several websites that are providing free porn videos for everyone.